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Inspired by her late father James E Cox, JCox has taken the term "Music Mogul" to new heights. A singer/songwriter in her own right, she began singing at the tender age of 3 years old in the "Little Angel" Church Choir and later went on to study & master classical piano & classical voice along with musical theory at "Birmingham Southern Conservatory of Music" as a child into her early teens. All through high school she sang in the choir and played xylophone and percussion in the Marching, Jazz and Concert Bands. In the 90's she began to pursue a solo career with the guidance of her mentor and producer Wizard Jones while performing in Atlanta's  "Chitlin Circuit", talent shows and venues such as "Frozen Paradise". She was also afforded the opportunities to open for great musicians such as "Frankie Beverly and Maze &  Patti Labelle at the Birmingham Heritage Festival. Like many other starving Indie Artists, JCox continued to work regular jobs in order to support her musical aspirations. Her work experience was always a corporate job in sales, marketing, advertising and customer service employed by Fortune 500 Companies. In 2006 J started her own company in Georgia called, Unique Quality Marketing, Inc offering Business Building

Consulting, Graphic Design and Printing and Health/Life Insurance. She took on the amazing task of Introducing (Marketing) the Metro Atlanta area, parts of Alabama and Tennessee to the all natural hair product "Jane Carter Solution". While working side by side with Jane Carter personally, she learned the importance of what it means to "Brand a Multi-Million Dollar Company". It wasn't until 2011 while attending a showcase in Nashville, TN that J decided to help other artists pursue their musical careers by moving Unique Quality Marketing, Inc from Georgia to Tennessee and changing it to a nonprofit dedicated to helping Indie Artist get exposure outside of their markets. She offers Marketing, Booking, Promotions, Event Coordinating & Planning. Unique Quality Marketing, Inc affiliate companies are UQM Inc Presents, Indie 4 Recovery and UQM Inc Presents "P". After realizing that many artists needed more individualized attention and were better than many "A-Listers", in 2013 she launched JCox & Associates, LLC in Nevada offering PR Services, Artist Development, Publishing, Consulting, Management, Distribution and soon to come Record Label & Radio Show. When JCox is asked what she does in the entertainment business, it's better to ask what she doesn't do.

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modern day music mogul

"start by doing the necessary, then what is possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible".

~ Francis of Assisi